Two Non-fiction books: Tux Tales & . . .

  1.  Tux  Tales:  AnecNotes  of  NYC  Pianist

–humorous  tales  about  various  piano  jobs  through  the  years . . . NYC  piano  stories  titled:

Tux Tales:  AnecNotes  of  a  New  York  City  Pianist

Author: Bob Dawson & Breaking The Rules® team:  Eva McCarron, Christine Prendergast, Juliet Sunara

The fun and entertaining and page turning “Tux Tales” is near completion.  You’ll  laugh  yourself  to  sleep.  The  pages  turn themselves!

2.  Translators  of  the  Universe®   (see the “Translators” on menu bar)

NYC  Pianist  Discovers  a  Universal  Dimension  in  Music!
(Where  Art  Meets  Science)


Illustrations in process:  Harriet Holstein,  Arturo Rhodes, and “Uma”

Stonesong Custom Publishing:  Ellen Scordato

Bob Dawson in Breaking The Rules