Two Non-fiction books: Tux Tales & . . .

  1. Tux Tales:  52  AnecNotes  of  a  New  York  City  Pianist                     mostly humorous  stories  about  playing various  piano  jobs  through  the  years . . . 


Author: Bob Dawson & Breaking The Rules® team:
Eva McCarron, Christine Prendergast, Juliet Sunara

Illustrators:   Chuck Finkle (cover design)

Story illustrations:   Ellie Gottwald,  Abigail Lashbrook,
Catherine Meeks, David Jones of San Francisco

The fun and entertaining  “Tux Tales” is near completion.   The  pages  turn themselves!

2.  Translators  of  the  Universe®   (also see”Translators” on menu bar)

NYC  Pianist  Discovers  a  Universal  Dimension  in  Music!
(Where  Art  Meets  Science)



Bob Dawson in Breaking The Rules