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Breaking The Rules® is an innovative and exciting performing arts program that could inspire a fresh upsurge of interest in music and theatre, . . . and even science.  Pianist/composer and actor, Bob Dawson, holds an audience spellbound as he plays various selections and excerpts from symphonies, string quartets, musical theatre, pop and a touch of jazz.  He sometimes improvises combinations of styles as he delivers the intriguing and often humorous dialogue that accompanies the story line.
Christine directing Dawson
Did Mozart Break Any Rules?

The first segment performed throughout NYC, “Did Mozart Break Any Rules?” is about a fellow caught between two opposing musical worlds—the mystery unravels during his journey throughout the play.  On another level, it is a basic explanation of the construction of music: small groups of notes used in different configurations.  This story is also an effective way of preparing the listener to enter the grand galaxy of the second segment:
Our Faulty Towers Look

Translators Of The Universe®

The “Translators” segment propels the perplexed Dawson into a unique and insightful discovery, of a scientific principle that also exists in classical music.  Dawson’s finding was given credibility by NASA scientists.

The discovery, overlooked for centuries by musicologists, composers, conductors and the like, is completely new to the music industry.  From our experience, the finding is intriguing to people from various socio-economic backgrounds.

More than that!  People love music and theatre—and if shown the interconnection with natural phenomena, their passion for the performing arts could extend more deeply into their everyday life.  Is this “rule breaking,” or a new way to listen, appreciate, and enjoy a theatrical music adventure?

The “Mission Statement” on the BTR website briefly discusses the two segments. However, it is on stage where they both come alive:  stimulating the audience to experience new avenues of theatre and music.  It could be said that BTR is an exponential segue from Victor Borge.

“Translators” is a true intersection of art meeting science—within the realm of theatre: adding the human element.  BTR focuses on adults, but our production is so intriguing that audiences of all ages enjoy it.

We are searching for a launch site.  There are several possibilities for meeting our goal of presenting the two Breaking The Rules segments nationally, to the public.
Thank you so much for your valuable time.

Bob Dawson and the BTR Team:

Christine Prendergast, Artistic Director

Juliet Sunara, Producer

Eva McCarron




Bob Dawson in Breaking The Rules