Dawson composes classical music and various other styles of music, often combining forms. “If it doesn’t feel new to me, I scrap the piece.”

The following pieces were recorded hastily in 1996.  Updated  versions; re-written to contain the Translators of the Universe® music discovery to arrive  in 2021.  

All songs composed by Bob Dawson except *
All I Ask Of You written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe,
arranged and played by Bob Dawson
* An Affair To Remember composed by Harry Warren, Lyrics by Leo McCarey and Harold Adamson
arranged and played by Bob Dawson


  1. Sassy Fingers Bob Dawson 1:13
  2. Billy Bob Bob Dawson 3:55
  3. The New Me Bob Dawson 4:57
  4. Searching Bob Dawson 3:55
  5. Walkin' In Tall Cotton Bob Dawson 3:03
  6. Night Sounds on the Mountain Bob Dawson 3:53
  7. An Affair To Remember Bob Dawson 3:50
  8. Windsurfing Bob Dawson 9:18
  9. Sonic Woman Bob Dawson 4:11
  10. All I Ask Of You Bob Dawson 3:52


Bob Dawson in Breaking The Rules